North West Europe territorial analysis and programme draft

GEIE GECOTTI (Groupement Européen pour la COopération Transfrontalière Transnationale et Interrégionale)

  • Start Date: March 2020

  • Status: In Progress

The purpose of the service is to provide the territorial analysis of the North West Europe area and support the drafting of the Interreg VI North West Europe programme for 2021-2027. The service also encompassess the consultations with stakeholders and the finalisation the Programme documents.

The initial tasks refer to the SWOT analysis and the analysis of the needs for the territory, taking into account the relevant Country Specific Recommendations of the NWE Member States, assessed against the five ERDF Policy Objectives (a Smarter Europe;  a Greener, carbon free Europe; a more Connected Europe; a more Social Europe and a Europe closer to citizens) and against the 2 Interreg specific policy objectives (a better Interreg governance and a safer and more secure Europe).
The second main task includes the drafting the programme strategy, priorities and specific objectives based on inputs from the National Task Force and MA/JS. as well as the stakeholders consultations. Based on external and internal feedbacks, the service includes the redrafting of the NWE programme texts.

The service is led by Spatial Foresight GmbH, in consortium with t33.

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