t33: a "Carbon Neutral" company

Since 2010, t33 has taken care to reduce its Carbon footprint and achieve a good level of environmental sustainability. To reach these goals, t33 has estimated the CO2 emissions deriving from the various company activities.

The typology of emissions has not changed significantly during the time. Most of them are due to employees/members business trips (mainly by plane and train), to employees/members commuting and, to a lesser extent , to natural gas, and electricity and consumption.

The changes over time in the amount of total CO2 emissions are therefore closely related to the number of trips and the number of employees.

In order to reach carbon neutrality, each year t33 firstly adopts specific practices for an internal reduction of its emissions with the aim of limiting the overall emissions produced. Since t33, considering its peculiarities has not any possibility to eliminate its emissions completely through internal green practices, it needs to rely on offsets mechanism too.
t33 has decided to neutralize its emissions for the year 2019 through carbon credits made by sustainable agriculture projects. The credits used were created through good agronomic practices at the Arnaldo Caprai farm and certified by the third-party body ICIM SpA following a protocol created in collaboration with Agatheia Srl.

The credits purchased for the year 2019 were 40 which completely neutralized the over 39 tons of CO2 emitted.