Facility for the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) cross border cooperation (CBC) programmes at the EU external borders

European Commission

  • Start Date: November 2019

  • Status: Complete

The general objective of the service is to provide technical support to the implementation and management of the 15 ENI CBC Programmes listed in the ENI CBC Programming Document. In detail, the service intends to:

  • enable participating countries to manage and implement the ENI CBC Programmes in the most efficient way and to ensure effective cooperation between the Member States and the partner countries;
  • improve the project development and management capacity of organisations eligible to participate in the ENI CBC programmes – such as local and regional authorities, CSOs and other relevant players. These activities should benefit CBC partner countries (including Turkey and the Russian Federation)
  • stimulate coordination not only among ENI CBC programmes but also between ENI CBC programmes and other similar instruments. This would allow for exchanges of best practices among both Programmes and projects and increase the ENI CBC visibility.

  The consortium is led by Particip GmbH. Nicola Brignani is Senior Non-Key expert.

Nicola Brignani
Director and Partner

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Clarissa Amichetti

Policy Analyst

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