Programme performance evaluation and final impact evaluation within the framework of a robust 2 Seas 2014-2020 Monitoring & Evaluation system

GEIE GECOTTI (Groupement Européen pour la COopération Transfrontalière Transnationale et Interrégionale)

  • Start Date: March 2021

  • Status: In Progress

The Programme performance evaluation and final impact evaluation of the 2 Seas 2014-2020 Programme includes the following sub-tasks:

  • Evaluation of performance of the programme and the use of financial resources. The evaluation based on the update of the analysis of the progresses of output and financial indicators, including an analysis of the programme measures implemented in 2020 to address the COVID crisis.
  • Evaluation of performance and alignment with the objectives of the Programme. Based on the data of sub-task 1, the research proposes recommendations regarding changes / status quo for each of the objectives of the output and financial indicators.
  • Impact assessment. The impact assessment updates the preliminary impact assessment at the level of each specific objective, enriches the analysis by covering the environmental impact and the two horizontal "priorities" for promoting the competitiveness of SMEs and the maritime and marine dimension.

The evaluation is led by t33 and conducted in consortium with Spatial Foresight GmbH.

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