Finalization of the first task of the on-going evaluation of 2 Seas programme

Written By Andrea Gramillano
Publishing 14 February 2017

The first task of the framework contract for the on-going evaluation of the Interreg 2 Seas programme, led by t33 in partnership with Spatial Foresight, has been finalized in January. During the first year of the contract, evaluation activities provided methodological support for the design, development and implementation of the programme integrated monitoring and evaluation system.

In 2016 several products and services were delivered:
Ad hoc materials supporting the Evaluation Task Force (ETF) in the identification of the monitoring and evaluation needs. Four ETF meetings were set-up and animated.
A note on the monitoring and evaluation needs based on regulatory requirements, findings of previous evaluations, programme document and specific requests of the programme stakeholders. Moreover an ad hoc dashboard was jointly defined with the programme bodies, Joint Secretary in particular, to supervise monitoring and evaluation activities and more specifically their integration.
A note mapping the expected benefits for each programme specific objective. This ‘benefit mapping’ defined the reference framework of impact evaluation, proposed new quantitative and qualitative measurement tools, and ensured a common understanding of policy goals among the stakeholders of 2 Seas programme.
Two methodological notes, supporting the Monitoring Committee in drafting and adopting the Evaluation Plan as well as identifying the evaluation questions. Both notes were based on regulatory requirements, internal programme decisions, benchmarking with other programme experiences and stakeholders’ consultation.

Moreover, t33 was in charge of developing capacity building tools addressing two definite target groups: applicants, and programme bodies. A project generation tool for applicants was developed to support the definition of project results and their measurability. In parallel, a specific tool integrating project reporting was defined to monitor project results overtime.

The next steps of the evaluation framework contract will be focused on the programme performance and impact.