10 years of studies conducted from the local and regional perspective, already!

Written By Alessandro Valenza
Publishing 11 October 2021

On 11 October 2011 t33 signed its first framework contract for the provision of socio-economic studies to the European Committee of the Regions. This was a tremendous occasion for a small consultancy company established in 2007 in Ancona – a medium-sized Italian town on the Adriatic coast well away from major hubs – to investigate the EU policy from the local and regional perspective.

After ten years we are still working with two partners belonging to the original consortium, Spatial Foresight and ÖIR, on the third framework contract focused on economic policy and EU governance. In this decade we jointly prepared more than 30 reports. They include more than 100 case studies covering 23 EU member states.

We investigated macrothemes such as EU Governance and the role of local and regional authorities. Some key questions are still open. They should be answered before 2030.

Our commitment lies in the continuous investment in people and competences and in the increasing coverage of EU languages.
Our hope is to continue conducting studies from the local and regional perspective on behalf of the European Committee of the Regions and other institutions in the next 10 years!
Look at our brochure with the links to 16 selected studies.