Seven parallel studies conducted on behalf of the European Committee of the Regions

Written By Giovanni Familiari
Publishing 04 January 2021

2021 starts for t33 with a strong commitment in the preparation of studies for the European Committee of the Regions.
The company is currently leading two Multiple Framework Contracts for studies, one in the field of Economic Policy and Governance (third MFC since 2011), and the second one on the EU Budget. t33 is also involved as partner in a Multiple Framework Contract for studies in the field of Cohesion Policy, led by Spatial Foresight, such as in a Multiple Framework Contract for studies in the field of Urban Policy, led by ÖIR.
These four Multiple Framework Contracts have generated seven parallel studies that will be concluded in the first half of the year. Two of them are coordinated by t33 experts, while a contribution from t33 is envisaged for the remaining five studies. They are:

  1. Regional and local authorities and the National Recovery and Resilience Plans coordinated by Alessandro Valenza, t33, and prepared in cooperation with Spatial Foresight experts;

  2. Local and regional finances in the aftermath of COVID-19 coordinated by Michele Alessandrini, t33, and prepared in cooperation with CSES and Blomeyer&Sanz experts;

  3. The state of the regions, cities and villages in the areas of socio¬economic policies. Contribution to the 2021 EU Annual Regional and Local Barometer coordinated by Kai Böhme, Spatial Foresight, with Caterina Casamassima and Alessandro Valenza contributing as t33 experts;

  4. Guidebook on registering EGTCs coordinated by Sabine Zillmer, Spatial Foresight, with Paola Le Moglie and Michele Alessandrini contributing as t33 experts;

  5. Sectoral analysis on the cohesion as an overall value and objective of the European Union coordinated by Kai Böhme, Spatial Foresight, with Clarissa Amichetti and Alessandro Valenza contributing as t33 experts;

  6. Application of the principles of partnership and multi-level governance in cohesion policy programming 2021-2027 coordinated by Frank Holstein, Spatial Foresight, with Alessandro Valenza contributing as t33 expert;

  7. Integration of Geographic and Statistical data for better EU policy making coordinated by Roland Gaugitsch, ÖIR, with Emanuele Armillotta and Andrea Gramillano contributing as t33 experts.

The first study is strongly connected with the analysis conducted under the coordination of Alessandro Valenza in a previous CoR report on the involvement of cities and regions in policy-making for investment and structural reform, while the third study shall continue the investigations on the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on regions and cities of the EU, which were reported in a CoR study prepared in spring 2019 by the same consortium.

In the last 10 years, t33 has been keen to analyse public policies and socio-economic trends in the Local and Regional Authorities’ perspective.

This corresponds to the professional experience of our experts whose main playground has been the evaluation of cohesion policy operational programmes managed at regional level, and also the technical assistance offered to regional and local authorities managing ESI funds.