Impact evaluation of Interreg IPA CBC programme Croatia-Serbia 2014-2020 and Interreg IPA CBC programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro 2014-2020

Ministry of regional development and EU Funds - Republic of Croatia

  • Start Date: April 2021

  • Status: In Progress

The two Programmes aims at strengthening the social, economic, and territorial development of the cross-border area through the implementation of joint projects and activities.
The impact evaluation is carried out in two phases: the preparation period and the implementation period. It has the goal of providing two Evaluation Reports, one for each Programme, with:

  • a complete description of the implemented activities and deliveries,

  • an overall assessment of the performance and impact of the two Interreg IPA Programmes,

  • a description of the subject of evaluation and purpose, evaluation objectives, context description, description of used methods, evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations.

  • descriptions of the problems encountered in the implementation and the way in which the problems have been resolved.

In addition, the evaluation requires a quality analysis of external circumstances and factors that may affect the quality and timeliness of planned activities.

A mixed methodological approach combining quantitative and qualitative methods are used:
• Quantitative: descriptive statistical analysis of collected primary and secondary data.
• Qualitative: surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies, document analysis, reports and research.

The activities have been performed in consortium with WYG savjetovanje d.o.o

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